If you've ever watched the evening news in Canada or come here for a vacation and wanted to know what you were in for when it comes to the weather then you might have encountered the term "humidex". This is something that many people know as a scale for measuring how humid it will be when they walk out their front door in the summertime. But, the average citizen likely can't tell you how this number is reached or what it really means.

The humidex number is meant to work like the wind chill number in the wintertime. It tells you what temperature it will feel like it is outside when you factor in all of the different elements rather than just what your thermometer tells you it is. If you're walking to the store for example, or are going to be working outside for the day then this number will better help you prepare for how warm you will feel.

A humidex of more than thirty degrees is considered to be slightly uncomfortable for the body. If this is the temperature were you will be staying then you can expect that you will want to wear shorts and a t-shirt but will still not be too bothered by being outside in the sun. Anything above forty and you will likely want to be at the beach if you're going to be outside for long periods of time. And then above forty-five is considered dangerous to a person's health. This is when you are advised to stay inside in your house with air conditioning rather than walking around outside. If your home is getting too hot to handle, it may be time to give the air conditioning pros a call to get the cool air flowing in no time! A big thank you goes to one of our website sponsors Adelaide Barks boarding kennel in London Ontario.

The humidex number is created with a formula that uses the temperature and the dew point. If you're coming to Canada from America then you might think that this is the same as the heat index but that is not true. You will usually find that the humidex number is higher than the heat index number.

This is something that you should definitely pay attention to in the summer months and a number that you might want to be familiar with if you're traveling in Canada in the hottest months. This will help you make smart decisions when you're choosing where to spend your day outside and when it might be hazardous to your health to have that downtown stroll with the kids. Always be equipped with sunscreen and a hat during these hotter months.

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