If you're sick and tired of looking at the same buildings and parks around your community during your daily jog and want to spice things up a bit you might want to consider nature trail runs. Just think how nice it would be to go for a walk, jog, hike or run down and up and around nature trails where the surroundings are so beautiful. No matter what city you live in there is going to be at least one nature trail that you will have access to for your exercise routine.

Nature trails are used by many different types of people: some who just like to take in the natural surroundings and enjoy a quiet walk or hike, others that want to go backpacking and discover what's around them, and then there are the hardcore runners and climbers who like to use the natural surroundings that nature trails provide to make their workouts more vigorous than any other workout they could get in and around their piece of property.

Runners, for instance, like to take advantage of nature trails because they provide a better training ground than pavement and helps them improve their agility skills. For those that consider themselves climbers they would rather go climbing outdoors than in an indoor simulated climbing facility any day since nature trails are the real deal.

What's not to love about exercising in a location that will have access to such breathtaking features like panoramic mountaintop views, beautiful waterfalls, tranquil lakes, alpine scenery or rain forest? Every city is unique so make sure to hit up as many nature trails as you can because something you might come across during a hike in a natural trail might not be seen anywhere else.

Once you've researched the nature trails in your area and found one that you know you want to walk down, run around in or go hiking at you better make sure that you pack everything you need. Some nature trails are a little far out and you have to drive to them from your piece of property. You don't want to drive out to a nature trail only to get there and find out that you forgot to pack your running shoes or bottled water. So, create a list of items to pack such as running shoes, water, compass, map, food, cell phone and sunscreen.

You never know how long you'll be away from your piece of real estate exploring the nature trails so you want to make sure you are prepared and have everything you need for your outing. Staying safe is an important consideration for every hiker and trail runner. You're not likely to come across safety barricades to protect you from falls, except perhaps in the most extreme situations (did you know there's talk of putting up safety barriers at the edge of the ocean?! Source.) so it's a good idea to let someone know where you plan to be and when you plan to be back, in case of emergency.

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